Thorough training of users is an essential element for successful deployment of legal software.  Whether a law firm is in the startup phase or engaged in an active practice, there is simply little time for reading 300-page manuals, using tutorials or even watching online training videos. And, even if time were not a factor, users of new software best learn in different ways and at different rates of comprehension.

Change for many in a workforce is difficult at best.  At its worse, change without comprehensive training can be very disruptive to a law practice.  Oftentimes, staff members are apprehensive about change to a point where the anxiety impedes their ability to grasp basic concepts often resulting in high error rates, loss of productivity, and potentially a failure to timely service a law firm’s most important asset, its clients. As experts in the installation and configuration of legal software solutions, we’ve run into this all to often, and have put our expertise to work developing comprehensive training services to ensure our clients maximize their efficiency with the software we utilize.

Our Training Programs:

On-Site Training

The most productive training we offer is group and one-on-one sessions at your facility, often done in conjunction with implementation of new or upgraded software systems.  Typically, we begin training in group sessions where users learn not only from the presentations but also from interaction with other participants.  Group sessions are followed by floor support and one-on-one interactions to reinforce concepts and techniques, and address specific user concerns.  We use your firm’s live data to personalize the training and we tailor presentations to conform to your firm’s internal procedures and practices.

Remote Training

Using remote access software, we train users via live Internet sessions.  Remote training is available to any size law firm, but works best in small firm scenarios where the number of participants is limited. Remote training is founded upon the same techniques of “On-Site Training” described above and affords many of the same advantages excepting the face-to-face, personalized communication.

Training Webinars

Internet-based training, dubbed “Webinars”, have exploded in popularity in recent years.  In fact, results of a survey we conducted, showed an over-whelming 80% of respondents preferred Internet training sessions lasting no more than two hours.  Sessions can be viewed from any computer with high-speed Internet access and each session is recorded for downloading and viewing at a later time.

Contact CompassPOINT to explore how we may best serve your training needs.

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