The Perfect Document Management Solution
for Legal and Professional Services firms

More than 3,500 law firms and legal departments of every size and speciality use Worldox … as do hundreds of other accounting and financial management firms, government and educational institutions. They look for document security and control. Worldox delivers that and more: powerful search tools, transparent integration with email, scanners and most popular business applications, plus innovative, new ways to collaborate and share files.

Worldox provides the power to:

  • Find files instantly. Worldox literally pays for itself in time saved with powerful search tools.
  • Manage files centrally. Worldox activates automatically as you save, open and work with files supporting nearly every file type, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and more.
  • Integrate document handling with e-mail. This lets you share client communications easily, and find client email quickly via full-text search. (You can even display Worldox within Outlook, or access incoming email from within Worldox.)
  • Integrate Worldox with CRM software, for single-click access to frequently-used client files.
  • Relate documents. For example, link all files to be discussed with a client to a meeting agenda. Or, link files as “projects” for easy collaboration with staff.
  • Control access; protect documents in progress, even create “ethical walls” to secure sensitive files.
  • Ensure compliance, with complete document histories, instant access to files requested by auditors.
  • Share files with staff, via public bookmarks, and by “subscribing” files in My Workspaces.

Symphony Suite from TrumpetInc:

Symphony Suite works directly with Worldox. It has two major functions: first, it OCR’s all your scanned documents, saving a major amount of time since the OCR process is the most time-consuming aspect of scanning. It can also OCR your document backlogs and TIF files (mainly from faxes and litigation support programs) as well. Secondly, it allows users to make “reservations,” then group the documents and scan them in batches. The documents can be scanned by file room personnel, saving the more valuable time of paralegals and attorneys.

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