Tabs3 Legal Billing SoftwareThe Tabs3 software is a highly integrated suite of systems that encompass all of a law firm’s billing and accounting needs.  The integrated software provides for a single point of data entry for maximum efficiency and accuracy, enabling you to increase productivity and get bills out faster.

Tabs3 Features Include:

  • Collection reports that show you which clients are late with payments.
  • Flexibility to bill the way you want to and customize the look of your bills.
  • Integrates with other software, including PracticeMaster and Tabs3 Financial Software.
  • Multi-level security so that people only see information they are supposed to see.
  • Export any report to Excel or PDF.
  • Simplifies all of your billing tasks including tracking time, billing clients and receiving payments.
  • Tracks who still needs to turn in time or sign off on a final bill.
  • Quick access to client information you need, such as recent bills, unbilled work, and Prior payments.
  • Provides insight into your firm’s productivity and profitability by area of practice, case and attorney.
  • Automatically generates custom e-mail messages with PDF statements attached.
  • Automatically calculate how much compensation each timekeeper has earned.

Tabs3 provides a robust set of features aimed at addressing the different aspects of your business that get integrated into a complex billing system. From time and billing to expense management, bank statement reconciliation to the distribution of checks and invoices, Tabs3 from STI Software meets the needs of running today’s legal billing needs.

The experts at CompassPOINT have executed hundreds of Tabs3 installations and training sessions. CompassPOINT members have been selected to the Tabs3 President’s Circle of top resellers for the 10th consecutive year.


Introducing Tabs3 Connect® — Giving Lawyers Access on the Go!

As most lawyers know, practicing law doesn’t always occur in the office. Whether its a conversation after a meeting, a phone call in the car, or an email sent from court, minutes add up. If not recorded at that moment, these time entries can easily be lost, and lost time can cost a firm thousands of dollars each month. Tabs3 recognized this as a significant problem, and has developed Tabs3Connect as another tool in the attorney’s Tabs3 arsenal. Accessible via smartphone or mobile device, Tabs3Connect offers a full range of Tabs3 features for Platinum version users.

  • No App required! Just point your device to and login
  • Accessible via any smartphone or tablet with Internet access
  • Minimal setup and configuration time required. And no syncing!
  • Bank-grade security encryption to ensure your data remains safe
  • Enter fees, notes, and expenses as they happen to ensure proper time billing capture
  • Complete access to all of your client contacts
  • Call and email clients with the tap of a finger
  • Send secure eNotes to communicate instantly with your staff and colleagues
  • View and update your schedule and those of your colleagues

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Tabs3 | General Ledger

  • Create financial statements for your firm, departments and locations.
  • Create budgets for each expense account.
  • Easily reconcile bank statements.
  • Automatically enters client payments from Tabs3 Billing Software.
  • Create multiple sets of books wIth unique charts of accounts and fiscal years.

Tabs3 | Accounts Payable

  • Prints checks and check registers.
  • Client costs are passed to Tabs3 Billing.
  • Software for accurate, prompt billing.
  • Creates recurring invoices.
  • Prints or saves IRS l099-MISC forms for e·filing.

Tabs3 | Trust Accounting

  • Tracks an unlimited number of trust accounts.
  • Prints checks and ledgers for trust and bank accounts.
  • Create automated minimum balance warmings.
  • Can pass trust activity to Tabs3 work-in-process reports and billing statements.
  • Payments to your film from a trust account can automatically generate a payment in Tabs3 Billing Software.
  • Easily reconcile bank statements.
  • Prints or saves IRS 1099-MISC forms.

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