PracticeMasterPracticeMaster case management software is an essential tool for any law firm seeking to streamline its operations and maximize productivity. PracticeMaster contains an impressive suite of case management tools, allowing attorneys and their staff to easy manage tasks, deadlines, contacts, and documents. It is offered in several forms starting with the comprehensive yet affordable Basic edition.  The Premier edition offers increased time-saving automation of routine tasks including document assembly and case calendaring.  Platinum and Platinum SQL versions are available for the larger law firms with large data base requirements. View the features of these different editions of PracticeMaster below:

PracticeMaster Basic

  • Firm-wide calendar quickly shows you where people are and what they are doing (works with or without Microsoft Exchange Server).
  • Instantly and accurately identifies conflicts of interest for your firm.
  • See appointments and to-do lists for any case.
  • Manage case and contact information.
  • Quickly finds documents, contacts. Notes and e-rnails for a case or client.
  • Automatically creates entries in Tabs3 from appointments. phone calls. e-mail and online research so you can easily bill your clients as you do your work.
  • Captures all of your online research and associates it with a client and/or contactso you can quickly bill for it it later.
  • Integrates with Tabs3 Billing Software. Outlook, and many smartphones.

PracticeMaster Premier

All PracticeMaster Basic features, plus:

  • Rapidly assembles documents using client and case information.
  • Calculates litigation deadlines using up-to-date court rules or rules that youset up yourself.
  • Collect and manage different types of information using customizable forms for different areas of practice.
  • WorkFlows automatically slart multiple tasks after you perform a particular action. For example, assemble a welcome letter after adding a new client.
  • Includes all integration available in PracticeMaster Basic, plus Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Worldox, HotDocs, and CompuLaw.

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