No one can ever have enough storage capacity. When it comes to data, growth is inevitable.

Traditionally, storage consists of physical drives mounted within a server. When all the drive bays are filled, there’s little hope to adding space. If you’re lucky, the need for additional storage comes at a time when the server equipment needs to be replaced. Sadly, this is rarely the case, and depending on the amount of storage used, transferring all the data volumes from one physical server to another can mean days of downtime.

CompassPOINT uses solutions that unbinds storage drives from the physical servers, yet enables them to be seen as local drives. This give two main advantages:

  • Storage can grow beyond the limits of the physical server.
  • Moving a server’s data volume to a new server takes approximate 5 minutes.

Our storage solutions still offers RAID fault tolerance, and some of our solutions actually give you BETTER performance as they grow. Imagine starting with 2 TB of storage, then in a few years adding an additional 5 TBs, and actually seeing faster performance on reads and writes to the data! That is what you get when you have CompassPOINT design your storage solution.

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