A public cloud offering is not for everyone. CompassPOINT will design and implement a private cloud at your facility giving you many of the same benefits as a public cloud.


A well-designed private Cloud will allow for the immediate expansion of your infrastructure needs at a moment’s notice. This includes adding additional users, servers and storage space. If the required resources are not available due to equipment being maxed out, additional equipment can be added and implemented quickly and precisely.


We know how important your information is. The redundant backups systems in our secure data center virtually eliminate any single point of failure, even including a physical server failure, power outage, or other unforeseen complication.


Cloud solutions with CompassPOINT provide our clients with fast and secure access to their data any time, any place, from any device.


The costs associated with maintaining equipment on-site can quickly grow out of control, and often require a dedicated staff IT professional with a high level of expertise. Outsourcing your servers to the Cloud with CompassPOINT will greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate many of these costs, and alleviate the hassles and headaches of managing your servers internally.

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