Many law firms have servers on their own premises. Those businesses typically have backups made of their data on a regular basis.  But keeping their data and its backups in the same location makes it vulnerable to hardware failures, theft, vandalism, flood, fire and other disasters. For peace of mind, data backups should be stored at another physical location that is more secure.

While traditional tapes served this purpose for many years, the rate of failure of tapes is extremely high. All too often, when the tapes are needed, they are found to be faulty. And when the data is lost, recovery costs can be extremely costly and with poor results. This is precisely why many firms rely on CompassPOINT to store and manage their backups in our secure, off-site facility.

Our clients can backup data first to a local resource (ie tape, external hard drive, etc), then have the data backup replicated off-site on our SAS 70 servers. In the event of a full disaster, the software and information once hosted internally can be made available within our private Cloud to ensure business continuity and minimal downtime.

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