Leaving your current firm to start your own practice is the dream of many ambitious attorneys. These dreams, however, can become a logistical nightmare when factoring in all of the elements required to successfully launch a new firm. At CompassPOINT, we understand the complexities of starting your own firm, which is why we have developed StartingPOINT.

Introducing StartingPOINT™

When building a new firm, three considerations are often at the forefront: Cost, Time, and Mobility. The experts at CompassPOINT have developed the StartingPOINT program for new firms with the following benefits in mind:

  • Less capital to start a law practice
  • Faster startup time
  • Ease to operate from multiple locations

Our comprehensive StartingPOINT package consists of both Cloud Services for your document and software hosting and Remote Billing and Bookkeeping Services. To help keep your initial costs manageable, StartingPOINT defers a percentage of your initial costs during your first year of operation.

Contact us today at 855.659.1500 to have one of our experts put together a custom-tailored package designed to suit your new firm’s specific needs.

StartingPOINT includes:

Cloud Services for your Document and Software Hosting

Using CompassPOINT to handle your cloud hosting services will minimize the time, reduce the cost, and eliminate the headaches required to get your firm started. Our established process will provide your new firm with all of the tools you’ll need to succeed.

  • Less capital required to start a law practice
  • No need for a costly server infrastructure
  • Includes email and Microsoft Office applications
  • Worldox Document Management installation and support
  • IT and software management on our hosted servers
  • Access your programs and documents from anywhere, on any device, at any time

Build a strong foundation for your firm with StartingPOINT. Get in touch with CompassPOINT today.

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