The compass is one of the oldest navigation tools known to man. It provides guidance and direction, allowing one to plot a course and map out one’s surroundings. It is a concept around which CompassPOINT has been built. Likewise, a definition of the word “partner” is nautical in nature: “a timber of a ship underneath the deck that provides the strength to support the mast.” 

The partners of CompassPOINT bring decades of combined expertise and strength to bear in support of our clients, helping law firms of all sizes and practice types navigate the changing tide and often complicated realm of legal technology, financial/billing processing and practice management required in today’s legal practice. We utilize our combined and diverse skill sets to help law firms capture the wind which provides critical forward momentum – the basis for ongoing success.

Allow CompassPOINT Legal to be your partner in expediently, cost-effectively and successfully reaching your practice’s ultimate destination. We are capable of providing top-level support for law firms nationwide, and currently support firms in 19 different states.

Our Client Locations

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